Please celebrate big and small milestones in your life by becoming a yajman at a Sunday Satsang of your Arya Samaj Greater Houston.  For more information or to schedule, please contact Acharya Ji @832-867-4126.

Arya Samaj Topics

Download Name Play Size Duration
download 01-Importance of Vedic Scriptures-2016-03-18
40.2 MB
download 02-Upaasanaa and its Importance-2016-03-19
39.9 MB 1:39:43 min
download 03-Giving Sanskaras to Next Generation-2016-03-20
20.1 MB 50:15 min
download 04-Principles of Arya Samaj-Part 1--2017-01-15
18.6 MB 46:19 min
download 05-Principles of Arya Samaj-Part 2--2017-01-22
19.7 MB 49:14 min
download 06-A Message for Followers of Arya Samaj by Dr Devabala Ramanathan--2017-04-09
16.6 MB 41:29 min