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Download Name Play Size Duration
download 01-CH 13-Body and Soul-2015-09-13
16.2 MB 40:24 min
download 02-CH 13-Prakriti Purusha and Ishwara-2015-09-20
16.3 MB 40:47 min
download 03-CH 13-What constitutes the Field (Body)-2015-09-27
17.5 MB 43:40 min

18.7 MB 46:40 min
download 05-CH 13-Ahimsa-2015-10-11
14.3 MB 35:36 min
download 06-CH 13-Forgiveness and Forbearance-2015-10-18
16.3 MB 40:43 min
download 07-CH 13-Cleanliness Steadiness and Self Control-2015-11-01
15.4 MB 38:32 min
download 08-CH 13-Senses Ego and Attachments-2015-11-15
15.3 MB 38:04 min
download 09-CH 13-Detachments-2015-11-22
16.7 MB 41:36 min
download 10-Ch 13-Devotion, Steadsfastness, Solitude-2015-12-06
13.8 MB 34:22 min
download 11-Ch 13-God- Neither Sat nor Asat-2015-12-13
16.9 MB 42:04 min
download 12-Ch 13-God- Neither Sat nor Asat-2015-12-20
13.5 MB 33:36 min
download 13-Ch 13-God- His Characteristics-2015-12-27
8.7 MB 21:38 min
download 14-Ch 13-God- His Characteristics-2016-01-03
15.4 MB 38:24 min
download 15-Ch 13-Prakriti and Purusha-2016-01-10
13.9 MB 34:46 min
download 16-Ch 13-Purusha-Cause for Sukha and Dukha -2016-01-17
9.7 MB 24:09 min
download 18-Ch 13-Liberation from Birth and Rebirth Cycle -2016-01-31
16.6 MB 41:32 min
download 19-Ch 13-How to Achieve the Ultimate Goal-2016-02-07
16.9 MB 42:16 min
download 20-Ch 13-Paramatma-Atma-Prakiriti-2016-02-21
16.5 MB 41:13 min
download 21-Ch 13-Paramatma-Atma-Prakiriti-2016-02-28
16.7 MB 41:34 min
download 22-Ch 13-Paramatma-Atma-Prakiriti-2016-03-06
15.2 MB 38:04 min