Celebrate the coloful festival of Holi at your Arya Samaj on March 4th.  The festivities start at 11:30 am.  Think about the message of Holi beyond the colors.

Validation for Soul

by Acharya Harish Chandra

April 2016

The framework of Body Mind & Soul hinges upon the concept of soul. The body is visible to all. When one is disconnected from surroundings by calming all the five senses then a chain of thoughts appear. Our mind is at work. But how can we know about the soul. Vedic philosophy says that matter does not exhibit consciousness and it must be the attribute of a tiny soul within us. Is it a mere speculation or can it be proven beyond any doubt. The proof lies in practices of meditation covered by the Sage Patanjali in his classic Yoga-Darshanam. When one is deep in meditation that body and mind are absolutely calm then the awareness that continues to persist is the soul, called Self-Realization. In other words, Patanjali Yoga Meditation practices validate existence of soul.