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Arya Samaj Greater Houston - Blood Donation - Sunday May 31, 2020



On Sunday May 31, 2020, From 9:00 am to 1:30 pm

If your desired time is not available to sign-up, we are accepting walk-ins, send desired time to: or text 832-598-5246 or call with any questions: 281-780-1379.

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14375 Schiller Road, Houston, TX 77082

The Blood Center is now requiring that donors wear a mask or face covering when at a blood drive. In the case that you do not have one, staff will offer you one. The safety of donors and staff are important to us. Your support in this matter is greatly appreciated.


You can donate if you are feeling well, regardless of blood sugar level.

If thyroid is controlled by medication, you can donate.

If your blood pressure is controlled, you can donate.

Most cancers have a one-year deferral. Minor skin cancers have a two-week deferral. Leukemia and lymphoma are the only cancers that have an indefinite deferral.

You can donate six weeks after the end of your pregnancy.

Yes, you can donate. If you had a blood transfusion, you are deferred for one year.

You can donate 48 hours after you complete your medication and are symptom free.

Please bring dates and locations for everywhere you have been if you have traveled outside the United States or Canada within the last 12 months, or if you have lived outside the United States or Canada during the last three years.

You can donate one week after getting a tattoo in a licensed facility.