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Jeevan Prabhat is a home for children. We provide care for the children who have lost their parents and those who need help in upbringing and we feel lucky to bestow our love to them. Here we treat the children like our own at home, and at no cost to the families they were born in. Our emphasis is on education and moral building. Our goal is; the children to be educated, strong, confident, and model citizens with a broader view of the society.

Jeevan Prabhat Pondicherry is a Non Governmental Organization managed and funded by volunteers, and operated under the principles of Arya Samaj.

Jeevan Prabhat at Pondicherry got its impetus from Jeevan Prabhat Gandidham, Gujrat. At Gandhidham Jeevan Prabhat has constructed a modern facility that now houses over 160 boys and girl. It was built after the massive earthquake struck Gujrat in January, 2001. A similar but smaller facility at Pondicherry completed in year 2008 now provides home to children that are victim of 2004 Tsunami, and to other underprivileged children from the region.

Jeevan Prabhat USA, registered in USA, EIN# 26-2852156 Section 501c(3) provided the funding for construction of Jeevan Prabhat Pondicherry and is committed to provide funding for operation of the facility. The support of the community is imperative for long term survival of project of this nature. We are pleased to inform you that the local and regional participation has increased significantly with funds and leadership roll in making this project everlasting.

You can sponsor the education of a child with a contribution of just Rs. 12000 ($215) once a year for schooling, books, uniforms, shoes, school bags etc.

Rs. 22,500 ($500) per year would cover total maintenance of education, food, clothing, medical, etc for one child for a full year.

Celebrate your Birthdays .Wedding anniveraries and Birthdays of your loved ones with children of Jeevan Prabhat , Pondicherry
Rs. 1500 for breakfast | Rs. 3000 for one time meal | Rs. 5000 for full day meals

We invite you to contact us, visit our website for latest updates and activities.

Jeevan Prabhat Pondicherry facility was inaugurated on November 20, 2008. This permanent facility already is now a home to 42 Children. Our near term objective is to provide care at least for 50 Children.

Jeevan Prabhat - Pondicherry
Ranjan Pandey
Phone: +91 - 944 215 1974

Jeevan Prabhat - USA
Joginder P. Kundra: 609 799 6756
Devinder Mahajan: 713 468 4339