Please join with your family and friends to celebrate Deepawali at your Arya Samaj on Sunday, October 22, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.  The program includes Traditional Havan, Cultural Program, and Deepawali mela including food stalls, children activities and professional firework display.  Tickets for food and personal fireworks packages are on sale in the lobby.  There will not be a morning Satsang on Oct. 22nd.

Eesha Upanishada 

In this section are presented audio recordings of pravachans at Sunday Satsangs by Acharya Suryanarayan Nanda on Eesha Upanishada.

Download Name Play Size Duration
download 01-Eesha Upanishad - Purnamadaa-20140112
10.2 MB 25:21 min
download 02-Eesha Upanishad - Everything is His-20140119
16.7 MB 41:41 min
download 03-Eesha Upanishad - Everything is from Him-20140202
22.8 MB 40:44 min
download 04-Eesha Upanishad - Whose Wealth Is it-20140209
21.3 MB 37:10 min
download 05-Eesha Upanishad - Work is Honorable-20140302
16.9 MB 42:13 min
download 06-Eesha Upanishad - Action and its Fruit-20140309
16.7 MB 41:43 min
download 07-Eesha Upanishad - Karma and Law of Karma-2014032
19.4 MB 48:28 min
download 08-Eesha Upanishad - Sanchita or accumulated Karma-20140330
16.4 MB 40:53 min
download 09-Eesha Upanishad - Prarabdha or Destiny-20140406
16.3 MB 40:38 min
download 10-Eesha Upanishad - Prarabdha - How to Change It -20140427
15.5 MB 38:45 min
download 11-Eesha Upanishad - Action and Attitude -20140504
17.5 MB 43:35 min
download 12-Eesha Upanishad - Karma Yoga -20140601
17.1 MB 42:48 min
download 13-Eesha Upanishad - Know Your True Self -20140608
15.9 MB 39:35 min
download 14-Eesha Upanishad-Stationary but faster than the fastest-20140622
17 MB 42:21 min
download 15-Eesha Upanishad-They are not contradictions-20140629
14.1 MB 35:05 min
download 16-Eesha Upanishad-Hatred and Love-20140706.mp3
19.8 MB 49:25 min
download 17-Eesha Upanishad-Attachments-20140713
18.5 MB 46:08 min
download 18-Eesha Upanishad-What He is and Is Not-20140720
14.6 MB 36:21 min
download 19-Eesha Upanishad-One Supreme Ruler-20140727
16.5 MB 41:15 min
download 20-Eesha Upanishad-Material (Living) and Spiritual (Life)-20140907
17.9 MB 44:43 min
download 21-Eesha Upanishad-Vidya Avidya -Complementary-20140914
18.8 MB 46:53 min
download 22-Eesha Upanishad-Demands and Limits of Senses and Ego-20140921
17.5 MB 43:45 min
download 23-Eesha Upanishad-Limitlessness and Subtlety of Ego-20140928
22.5 MB 56:04 min
download 24-Eesha Upanishad-Golden Cover-20141012
16.9 MB 42:08 min
download 25-Eesha Upanishad-Duality-20141019
18.6 MB 46:21 min
download 26-Eesha Upanishad-Mind- Storehouse of Countless Births-20141102
15 MB 37:24 min
download 27-Eesha Upanishad-Mind- The Ultimate Deceptor-20141109
17 MB 42:26 min
download 28-Eesha Upanishad-Agni Devataa-20141116
15.5 MB 38:48 min
download 29-Eesha Upanishad-Prayer-20141123
16.2 MB 40:28 min
download 30-Eesha Upanishad-Prayer is Transformation-20141207
18.2 MB 45:26 min