Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh is holding a Surya Namaskar Yajna and workshop at Arya Samaj on January 21 and January 28 from 9:00 to 9:30 am.  Please click here for more information.

Pravachans (Discourses)

Typical Sunday Satasang at our Arya Samaj Greater Houston includes Havan, Bhajans and Pravachan, a discourse. Normally, Acharya Ji, Acharya Suryanarayan Nanda (SN) or Acharya Harish Chandra (HC), will deliver a discourse on a subject that may be from scriptures or one appropriate to the occasion. Sometimes, a guest speaker (even a child speaker from DAVSS) may speak on a subject of interest to the congregation. In these web pages, we present audio recordings of pravachans.

To hear, some of the collections please click on the name of the collection.

Arya Samaj Topics  - Last Pravachan as of 07/09/2017

Aryodeshya Ratanmala  - Last Pravachan as of 05/07/2017

Kathopinashada  - Last Pravachan as of 11/11/2012

Eesha Upanishada  - Last Pravachan as of 12/07/2014

Satyarth Prakash  - Last Pravachan as of 08/09/2015

Gita  - Last Pravachan as of 12/31/2017

Pravachan-2016  - Last Pravachan as of 12/25/2016


Last pravachan in this section as of 11/26/2017

Download Name Play Size Duration
download 01-New Year Day to Reflect and Plan-2017-01-01
10.8 MB 26:58 min
download 02-Republic Day of India by SN-2017-01-29
15.7 MB 39:13 min
download 03-Maha Shivaratri-Rishi Bodhostav by SN -2017-02-26
16.9 MB 42:07 min
download 04-Significance of Holi by SN-2017-03-12
16.5 MB 41:14 min
download 05-Vedic New Year by SN -2017-03-26
15.1 MB 37:44 min
download 06-Rama Navami by SN -2017-04-02
17.2 MB 42:57 min
download 07-Gita- Introduction to Chapter 5 by Jaya Row - 2017-04-30
18.9 MB 47:09 min
download 08- Significance of Shravani Purnima by SN-2017-08-06
4.5 MB 11:20 min
download 09- Swadhyaya - Self Study by Swami Pravanand-2017-08-06
11.3 MB 28:06 min
download 10- Yogeshwar Krishna by SN-2017-08-13
16.3 MB 40:38 min
download 11- Indian Independence Day by SN-2017-08-20
11.5 MB 28:41 min
download 12- Vijaya Dashmi - Day of Victory of Righteousness over Evil by SN-2017-10-01
15.3 MB 38:09 min
download 13- Thanksgiving or Significance of Gratitude by SN-2017-11-26
21.1 MB 52:48 min


Bhakti - Last Pravachan as of 01/05/2014

Download Name Play Size Duration
download 01-Bhakti - An Introduction-20131208
16.3 MB 40:40 min
download 02-Bhakti - Stuti-20131215
15.2 MB 37:55 min
download 03-Bhakti - Prarthana -20131222
17.6 MB 43:51 min
download 04-Bhakti - Upaasanaa-20140105
16.7 MB 41:38 min