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"No man is an Island and Every Success Depends on others Generosities"

Jeevan Prabhat Pondicherry Jeevan Prabhat Pondicherry is a Non Governmental Organization funded and managed by volunteers and operated under the principles of Arya Samaj.

One great thought leads to another; one candle can light another, but its own significance never lessens; the same is true when you invest your time and resources in others. It lifts the society, its social status. And during the process we lift ourselves.

Jeevan Prabhat at Pondicherry got its impetus from Jeevan Prabhat Gandhidham. On December 26, 2004 a powerful Tsunami that swept across the Indian Ocean brought mass scale destruction and miseries in many parts of Asia including southern parts of India.

Members of Arya Pratinidhi Sabha America (APSA) rose to the challenge, went to effected area in southern coast of India and provided temporary shelters to the victims of Tsunami. With an overwhelming support from the members of APSA, IDRF, Arya Samaj community of Greater Houston, it was unanimously decided to build a permanent facility to house orphans and extremely poor children. A two acre parcel of land was purchased and boundary wall was built immediately.

Initially a temporary house was rented to provide care for thirteen children. While the children were sent to the local schools, help was provided in after school activities, and tutoring and facilities for food, clothing and living accommodation provided.

The first phase of construction started in March 2007. Numerous problems with the local contractors, escalating cost of materials and construction provided enough challenge to Acharya Vachonidhi. Construction was essentially completed in spring 2008, on schedule and thirteen children along with the care taking staff moved to the new home. Jeevan Prabhat Pondicherry facility was officially inaugurated on November 20, 2008.

Total cost to build the Pondicherry facility at the end of year 2008 reached $400,000.

Funds needed for annual operation are collected on annual basis upon the needs; details of which are addressed under Funding Policy.

It is important to know that Jeevan Prabhat management committee never uses Jeevan Prabhat funds for their personal use, travel to attend the meetings, functions, or for entertainments. Members travel to India at their own expenses to participate in the activities of Jeevan Prabhat. Every penny raised is used for the benefit of children.

For any enquiries, questions or to participate in cause for children, please contact us.

Mr. Dev Mahajan, President JP USA - mahajandev@yahoo.com

Acharya Vachonidhi Arya, Management Team JPP - Aryagan@aryagan.org

Joginder P. Kundra, Secretary & Treasurer JP USA - Jogikundra@hotmail.com

Dr. Radhkrishnan Varma, Management Team JPP - RRVarma55@rediffmail.com


Jeevan Prabhat - Pondicherry
Ranjan Pandey
Phone: +91 - 944 215 1974
E-mail: ranjanpandey_rp@yahoo.com

Jeevan Prabhat - USA
Email: jeevanprabhat@hotmail.com
Joginder P. Kundra: 609 799 6756
Devinder Mahajan: 713 468 4339