Our Funding Policy


Jeevan Prabhat Pondicherry is structured on the model of Jeevan Prabhat Gandhidham. Gandhidham is now totally funded by local community and online donations. Due to the organized way the work is being carried at Gandhidham, national and international communities and societies are donating in a generous way in to meet the financial requirements of Gandhidham. We follow a disciplined policy in accepting donations and the use of funds. Key features of our policies and procedures are:

  • Funding for each Project starts with zero balance. No funds are held aside for future projects.
  • We initiate a project outlining the concept, funds needed and the benefits it could provide. Members of organizing committee make personal donations to initiate the work, which generally are significant enough to cover over half the costs. Only there after we approach more donors to fill the budget gap.
  • We do not accept government grants or funds with strings attached.
  • We make no commercial use of any of our Facilities.
  • Our members don’t use the collected funds for their personal use, travel or entertainments.
  • We take good care of our children. We keep them in the best environment. The amenities provided include clean housing, nutritious food, clothing, education at good local schools, and after school coaching to complete the homework assignments. We don’t accept used clothing or leftovers for our children. We would not do anything to let our children feel second to anyone else. We provide an environment so that children can develop confidence and self respect.

We invite you to be partner in this great cause.

You can sponsor the education of a child with a contribution of just Rs.9,600 ($215) once a year for schooling, books, uniforms, shoes, school bags etc. Rs. 22,500 ($500) per year would cover total maintenance of education, food, clothing, medical, etc for one child for a full year.

Our Sponsors


"It only needs a spark to open a giving heart"

Completed in year 2008, the Pondicherry facility Cost $400,000. This was an incredible effort and hard work by our local management team.

This project was made possible by the financial and moral support of many individuals and the organizations that generously contributed to the cause for children.

The key Sponsors for the construction of the facility are:

Manju and Arun Kundra
Tallahassee, USA
in the memory of their grandfather Lala Hans Raj Kundra
Aulakh Kalan, Punjab


Meera and Joginder P. Kundra
Cranbury, NJ, USA
in the memory of Mata Kundan Devi
Aulakh Kalan, Punjab


Mahajan Parivar, Shri Ram Chand & Shrimati Sushila Mahajan
Houston, USA
In the memory of our grandmother Shrimati Sushila Mahajan


Shrimati Anguri Agarwal and Shri Shivdhan Agarwal


Sushma & Arvind Mahajan


Shrimati Jyoti and Dr. Rajinder Gandhi
New Jersey, USA


Minu and Ashutosh Garg
Devi, USA
in the memory of their grand parents
Shri Ram Lal and Shrimati Shanti
Aulakh Kalan, Punjab


Shrimati Santosh and Dr. Ved Agarwal


Dr. Vinod and Usha Sethi
Texas, USA


Shrimati Kamini Pahuja and Late Shri Subash Pahuja
Richmond, USA


Arya Samaj
Greater Houston, USA




Gujrati Sanatan Samaj of Tallahassee, USA


India Association of Tallahassee, USA


Arya Samaj Michigan, USA




Many more individuals contributed and raised total contribution to over $400,000

Funds needed for annual operation are collected on annual basis upon the needs, details of which are addressed under "Our Funding Policy".

It is important to know that Jeevan Prabhat management committee never uses Jeevan Prabhat funds for their personal use, travel to attend the meetings, functions, or for entertainments. Members travel to India at their own expenses to participate in the activities of Jeevan Prabhat.

For any enquiries, questions or to participate in cause for children, please contact us:

Mr. Dev Mahajan, President JP USA - mahajandev@yahoo.com

Acharya Vachonidhi Arya, Management Team JPP - Aryagan@aryagan.org

Joginder P. Kundra, Secretary & Treasurer JP USA - Jogikundra@hotmail.com

Dr. Radhkrishnan Varma, Management Team JPP - RRVarma55@rediffmail.com

Jeevan Prabhat - Pondicherry
Ranjan Pandey
Phone: +91 - 944 215 1974
E-mail: ranjanpandey_rp@yahoo.com

Jeevan Prabhat - USA
Email: jeevanprabhat@hotmail.com
Joginder P. Kundra: 609 799 6756
Devinder Mahajan: 713 468 4339