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"Those who had the least while growing have the Most Potential"

We recognize that the strength of a country and its communities lies in the strength of its citizens. Children are the foundation of the society. There is no better way to build a nation than to provide education and care to its children. With this goal in mind Jeevan Prabhat is working for the uplift of children who need the most help.

Here at Pondicherry we take a great pride to impart good education, housing, medical care, coaching and love that children need. At present we have thirty children, boys and girls. Our goal is to increase the number of children under our care to fifty hopefully in the near future. Phase two of the project would increase the capacity to house one hundred children.

With your help we can achieve this goal.

Please make a contribution by using our Online donation program to support a child for meeting the education and maintenance expenses.

The key operating expenses are as follows:

Operating Expenses: Presently the total monthly cost per child is about Rs. 2,700 slightly over $600/yr. We estimate that this cost would come down to $500 per year as we increase the number of children to fifty.

Together we can gift the children education and in so doing we would be securing their future.

Your participation in Fund Raising is important to the children of Jeevan Prabhat at Pondicherry

  • You can sponsor the education of a child with a contribution of just Rs. 9,600 ($215) once a year for schooling, books, uniforms, shoes, school bags etc.
  • Rs. 22500 ($500) per year would cover total maintenance of education, food, clothing, medical, etc for one

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