We invite our Donors to provide their valuable comments based upon their first hand experience during their visit to children at Jeevan Prabhat - Pondicherry.

Rajeev from Bangalore wrote this in October 2010

This is very noble work and I also want to be part of this great thought. this site is also very informative.

Raj and Moni Srikanth wrote this note to Dr. Gandhi (Board Member Jeevan Prabhat USA) following their visit to Jeevan Prabhat Pondicherry on November 20, 2010

Dear Dr. Gandhi

As I mentioned to you, Moni and I had one of our most emotionally uplifting day in our entire life during our visit to Jivan Prabhat Pondicherry last month. There is nothing more satisfying in life than to be able to light the glimmer of hope in young children’s eyes, something that Ranjanji and Madhu ji have accomplished. The children are extremely well mannered and they welcomed us with such love and affection, the emotional high can only be experienced. I am not a good writer so it is difficult for me completely express our feelings in an e-mail. We talked with the children and it was absolutely amazing to see the optimism and the hope in their eyes. The kids want become doctors, scientists, computer engineers, IAS officers just to name some of their hopes and aspirations. Moni and I cannot wait to see them achieve their goals.

Seeing the children so happy and confident, one cannot but admire the work accomplished by Ranjanji and Madhu ji. We were pleasantly surprised that the kids could speak three different languages – English, Hindi and Tamil. We also were able to participate in the havan performed by the kids led by Madhu ji. We were impressed by how well the kids have been trained in helping out with the running of the Ashram. We visited their rooms and saw their artwork and were very impressed with how neat and clean it was. We were so deeply moved when we heard that the children and the Pandeys performed a havan for Moni’s birthday. Our association with Jivan Prabhat has enriched our lives. We admire Jivan Prabhat for taking a group of children with no-hope and give them not only a modern education but also imbibe in them a spiritual discipline. The Pandeys have created a feeling of a large family rather than an Ashram, as evident from the way the older children take care of the younger children with so much pride and affection. The children including the 4-year olds had a dance performance for us choreographed by Madhu ji and it was indeed fun to watch them perform with so much enthusiasm. Ranjanji asked us if we wanted a tour of the area after the performance, we are glad we turned it down in favor of just spending time with the kids. It was a lot of fun.

The only suggestion that we have for you is to raise the awareness of this wonderful experience and have a larger campaign in the US so that more people can participate in this noble cause – lighting the lamps of hope.

We are indeed thankful to God for putting us in a position to do our little bit in helping these kids. We want to thank you Dr. Gandhi for introducing us to Jivan Prabhat, it has enriched our lives.

Best regards:
Raj and Moni Srikanth

P. Prabakaran Ji wrote this after attending Sammelan in 2011

It was a pleasure to have spent with you all two eventful days away from the material world full of selfishness. Here it was a different world unconditional love for children without expecting anything in return!

Meeting Mrs and Mr Devinder Mahajanji, Vachonidhiji, Mr Purushottam Patel , Mr Joginder and Meera Kundra, Mrs and Mr Vivek and others was really a good opportunity. It was a lovely gathering of like minded people.

Thanks to Arya Samaj, USA for honouring me with a momento. I have done very little to deserve that. In any case I do accept the same with gratitude and will put more efforts to support Jeevan Prabhat in all possible ways. Now that I am in Chennai much more can be done.

I am really moved at the love, affection,care showered by Mahajanji and Joginderji (by coming to India at their cost) and all the members of Jeevan Prabhat , USA in making the life of children more comfortable by providing better environment, additional transport facility, moving brighter children to a better school at extra cost. May God Bless them and their families with good health and prosperity.It was nice of Jeevan Prabhat USA to appreciate and acknowledge the fantastic work of each and every staff of Jeevan Prabhat Pondicherry in executing the day to day affairs and looking after children.

Acharya Vachonidhiji deserves all the praise for his dedicated work in fulfilling the project beyond visualisation. His constant supervison and involvement in the project by regularly travelling from Gandhidham to Pondicherry is really applaudable. As Mahajanji told he is "God sent person for this project" Will be visiting Gandhidham centre under the leadership of Purushottam Patelji by end of this year to see for myself how they manage 160 children ! Though he speaks very little Purushottamji seems to be a man of action. It will be my
pleasure when I have the opportunity to see for myself activities going on there.

Running a family of four or five members itself is a Himalayan task. To take care of 29 children is something really great! Right from studies, cleanliness, extra curricular activities, preparing food, offering prayers, taking care of the children when they are sick.......from 6 am to 9 pm day in and day out................ and Ranjan and Madhu are really dedicating their life for these children. They really deserve all the applause they received today. May God Bless them to continue to their services they are doing now, for many more years to follow!

Three years back , I found Jeevan Prabhat when I was searching for an orphanage in Pondicherry. When contacted, USA office gave me the email id of Vachonidhiju and he in turn gave me the contact details of Ranjanji. I consider this period of my life as the golden period - the time spent with people with big hearts, not preaching love, care and affection for the under previleged .... putting it into action in every word they speak, in every thought and in all their actions.

I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to get associated with this great name "Jeevan Prabhat". The result of this venture will manifest in the next 10 to 15 years when hundreds of under privileged children will make history by their achievements and remember ,acknowlege with gratitude the great men who made this possible with a great vision! God cannot be present everywhere, he sends a chosen few to do what He wants to do for anyone.

With great admiration

Sincerey yours


Ravi Bhalla Ji wrote this letter during his visit to JP-Pondicherry

I was in Pondicherry visiting Jeevan Prabhat at the end of February-2011.I has the pleasure of attending a full day with the kids

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