Praan: Involuntary Forces

by Acharya Harish Chandra

March 2016

Body & Mind are two magnificent instruments with us. They work during the day and are tired at night when we must go to bed. Their tiredness is dissipated during sleep and we wake up refresh. However, certain functions continue during the sleep too, such as breathing, blood circulation due to the pumping heart, etc. as they are involuntary in nature. Indeed they work every moment non-stop and if they stop even for a moment then we must be rushed to a hospital. Such forces have a term in the Vedas, called Praan. Praan is a name for God too because it is She who ensures that these forces are at work as long as we are alive. Indeed, Praan is synonym with the life force. Thus She ensures that our life sustains, having brought us into the world. It is utmost important for us to thank Her and express our gratitude for the opportunity called life. Arya Samaj attempts to educate people in this direction that improves quality of life for every human being. It is as basic as a child's proximity to his mother for his well being. A child without access to his mother is a pitiable life. So is true with us if we don't care to know the origin of life and its sustainability in terms of Praan.