Works of Swami Dayananda Karam Narain Kapoor


Swami Dayananda wrote books for the benefit of human being, which are listed below:

A. Yajurveda and Rgveda Bhashya

Swami Dayananda completed Yajurveda Bhashya. Before he could complete Rgveda Bhashya, he was poisoned to death and Rgveda Bhashya was completed up to Chapter VII-61-2. Bhashya means commentary. These Bhashya books are the most important work of Swami Dayananda.

B. Sandhya

Sandhya is a book of prayers, which contain eighteen Mantras, of which fourteen where taken from the Vedas. It was first printed in 1863 AD. Sandhya is the greatest legacy Swami Dayananda has left for all.

C. Satyartha Prakasha

This book was published in1875, containing twelve chapters. The second and revised edition also contains chapters thirteen and fourteen, and was published in 1882. The research studied conducted by Swami Shradhananda revealed that Swami Dayananda dictated the text of Satyartha Prakasha in Sanskrit then Pandits rendered his dictation in Hindi. These Pandits sometimes interpolated their own views in place of Swami Dayananda and he revised Satyartha Prakasha for the second edition. In this connection one may note that the mother tongue of Swami Dayananda was Gujarati and he always used to give his public lectures in Sanskrit before he visited Calcutta. It was in Calcutta that the leaders of Brahma Samaj suggested that he deliver lectures in Hindi, for most of the people could not follow Sanskrit. Nevertheless, his knowledge of Hindi was meager. Satyartha Prakasha means “Truthful reflection”. This book is a comparative study of all the world religions. This endeavor reflects his desire to seek the truth. Satyartha Prakasha is a very important contribution to humanity.


Acrobat (.pdf) of both Hindi and English versions are available for download from the website of Arya Samaj Jamnagar (

D. Rgvedadi Bhashya Bhumika

Rgvedadi Bhashya Bhumika is an introduction to his commentary on the Vedas. This work was published in 1877-78. The book deals with the correct interpretation of many Vedic mantras.

E. Other bok are listed below:

  1. Ashtadhyai Bhashya(Two Parts)
  2. Sanskrit Vakya Prabhodha
  3. Bhranti Niwarana
  4. Gokaruna Nidthi
  5. Vedanti Dhvant Niwarana
  6. Panch Maha Yajna Vidthi
  7. Advaita Mat Khandanam
  8. Bhagwat Mat Khandanam
  9. Ved Virudhamat Khandanam
  10. Sanskar Vidhi
  11. Arya-abhivinaya
  12. Aryoddeshyaratna Mala
  13. Chaturveda Vishaya-Suchi
  14. Brahmocheddanam
  15. Autobiography
  16. Vayavharbhanoo
  17. Svamantavyamamavya Prakasha
  18. Vedang Prakasha(14 Parts)
  19. Shiksha Patri Dhvanti Niwarana
  20. Gautam-Ahilya Ki Katha