Building Facilities

Arya Samaj Greater Houston main building is a 12,000 sq.ft. facility consisting of the following major areas:

Satsang Hall: It covers 7700 sq. ft. including a 24ft x 60ft stage area furnished with curtains. Entrance to the hall is from a big 40x30 ft. lobby. The hall has 18 ft. ceiling and can accommodate up to 550 chairs for seating. During our regular satsang, most of the congregation members sit on the thick carpeted floor. The hall has a state of the art Audio/Video system. To preserve the sanctity of the satsang hall, no shoes or any food is allowed in the hall.

Kitchen and Dining Hall: 100X30 dining hall can seat about 250 people for dining using tables and chairs.  Kitchen and the dining hall are there  for the convenience of the yajmans and their guests.

Library: This room is well suited to hold meetings and conduct seminars and can easily accommodate about 35-40 people.