Thanksgiving the Vedic Way

Four-Day Chatur-Veda Shatak Yajna

Havan with 100 mantras from each of the four Vedas

It is our distinct pleasure and honor to invite you to celebrate Thanksgiving Day at Arya Samaj Greater Houston.

There are endless reasons to feel gratitude. An attitude of constant gratitude and thankfulness towards the Paramātmā during all ups and downs in life with this believe that everything is a gift of Paramātmā and all that we have and receive is due to his grace, helps us become happier and more contented with life and enables us to accept severe downturns in our life with greater ease.

To celebrate this joyous occasion a special FOUR-DAY “Chatur Veda Shatak Yajna” will be performed at Arya Samaj Greater Houston starting on Thursday, November 24th. The concluding session will be held on Sunday, November 27th at 9.30am to 12.00 with poornahuti, Bhajan and Pravachan.

Every day at 10.00am to 12.00, Yajna will be performed with the 100 selected mantras of one of the four Vedas.

At the end of every session, lunch (Prasad) will be served. Everyone is invited in these enlightening four days to celebrate the sense of Gratitude in our Vedic way.

You can also participate as a Yajaman (host) of Yajna in any one or more sessions or in all of four sessions.

You and your family and friends are inviited to attend and participate in any or all four days of yajna.  There is no fee to participate, but any donation to Arya Samaj is sincerely appreciated.

To participate, you can register at:


For more information, please, contact: Acharya Surya Nanda Ji, Acharya Bramdeo Ji, Sanjay Jain Ji, or Jasbir Singh Ji.