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Vaidic Scripture Classes

From the time man stepped on the canvas of world history, space-time has been shrinking continuously. Today, in the silicon and micro-processor age, the speed has picked up even more rapidly. For most people who have dedicated their lives in the pursuit of material knowledge and wealth with dedication and passion, there comes a time when they find their system overloaded with information.

Sensory overload from the ever changing outside world creates a crisis, in the pause of the moment one asks; is there anything else beyond the material reference frame that is relatively more stable and permanent? This is not a new question for the human race. Long, long time ago in the Indus-Saraswati valley, a very small group of people (Rishis) asked the same question and came up with answers. They put forth their answers in a very logical and systematic way in the Vedas.

But before reading the Vaidic scriptures one should ask the question; what is in the Vedas? This question is analogous to asking; how deep is the ocean? The answer is apparently; how far is one willing to go away from the land? The easiest and safest way is to get a good navigator who has been there before and has always come back safely ashore.

At Arya Samaj Greater Houston we are very fortunate to have two very knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher (Dr. Suryanarayan Nanda and Acharya Bramdeo ji) in Vaidic philosophy and scriptures with a passion and dedication to learn and impart their knowledge to any and all who is willing to share it with them.

A Chinese proverb says, “Every journey begins with the first step”. Anyone willing to join us in this journey is most welcome. All you need is an open mind, a life experience punctuated with happiness and sorrows, and a sincere desire to see what is (or is not!) beyond the material reference frame.

We take up different Vaidic scriptures in different sessions based on the interest of the audience.

Sanskrit Classes

At Arya Samaj Greater Houston we hold an evening class for adults in Sanskrit grammar and simple conversation. This was started at the request a group of people who have been taking classes in the Upanishads for a while and felt the desire to get a little deeper into subject. The Vedas and the Upanishads are all originally written in Sanskrit.

“In a Sanskrit sentence the position of a word relative to each other is unimportant”, that was the first statement by the teacher. It is a profound statement with very deep implications.

Why? We know of no other language except one where this is true, and that other language is mathematics!

But why does one need a mathematical precision in day to day language, because human conversation is loaded with fuzzy logic and fuzzy mathematics? Expression of human thoughts in Sanskrit is not only poetry, a symphony of rhythms and beats, but carries the rigors and precision of thought process that does not allow multiple interpretations and remains invariant with respect to time and space.

This precision comes with a price! That is why today Sanskrit is a nearly dead language. Very few people have the self discipline and are willing to work hard (just as in mathematics!) to learn this beautiful language. Sanskrit is the ideal language for this silicon age, so if you are desirous and willing to make the effort, there is wealth of knowledge waiting to be explored

The Sanskrit classes are conducted by Acharya Dr. Surya Nanda ji.

Meditation Classes

In order to relax and refresh our minds we hold Meditation classes, which are conducted by Acharya Bramdeo ji. The beauty of this class is that meditation is explained from not only a mind and spirit perspective, but also from a physiological and psychological point of view. This approach lends itself to a very unique experience of one’s inner self and communion with the higher being.


Pranayam Classes Pranayam Classes Pranayam Classes


If you are inspired to partake in this wonderful journey of learning and self-introspection, you are welcome to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on any of the Vaidic scriptures, Sanskrit and meditation classes.


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Any questions: Please contact Acharya ji Dr. Surya Nanda at (281) 752-0100 or Acharya Bramdeo ji at (832) 219-5079 or Dr. Kapil Mehta at (713) 254-0106 or email to