All are Equal

Acharya Harish Chandra

July 2016

All conscious beings are children of one God, the Supreme Consciousness that inhabits the entire universe. She provides air, water, food, sunshine, etc. to all without any discrimination. The equality is further stark for the humans. The Vedas make absolutely no distinction among humans. Even if there is a distinction it is in the qualitative nature because, unlike animals and birds, our deeds can be drastically varied. Some people engaged in noble deeds are called Devatas and some wicked people are referred to as Dasyus. Yet, it is level field for all that everybody is blessed with the natural bounties in equal measure so that there is ample room for every individual’s improvement. Nobody can be looked down upon for reasons of birth in a particular family or community. Of course, there is reference to man and woman but there is no inkling of inferiority for women. Indeed, as we will see next, there is evidence in the Vedas that women ought to be treated by men as superior members of the society.